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“National Child Protection Week is an annual campaign of the Government of South Africa led by the Department of Social Development in partnership with other government departments and civil society organisations. Key partners include Childline and Unicef. The goal for Child Protection Week is to promote the culture of respect for children’s rights thus ensuring […]

The Eastern Cape recently experienced unrest, owing to poor service delivery in Ficksburg and Clocolan, amongst other towns. On Wednesday, the 13th April 2011, violence apparently came about as Mayor Mpothoma Maduma refused to give feedback to the protesters. That evening, millions of South Africans including myself, saw footage of South African Police brutally beating […]

A public furore has been caused by the media and the ANC regarding Jimmy Manyi’s remarks about coloured and Indian South Africans. Jimmy Manyi, the then Director General of Labour, appeared on Robinson Regstreeks on KykNET on the 09th March 2010. Manyi raised his views on coloured South Africans in the Western Cape. For the […]

There is no doubt that a government in control of the media, particularly a national broadcaster, can control the way its’ population thinks. Propaganda is the obvious tool for this and its use ensures that the powerful and privileged remain powerful and privileged. It is for this reason that in a democratic state, the government […]

“Social network Twitter was abuzz with users commenting on a Sunday World newspaper column “Bitch’s Brew” by Nomakuli Roberts. This past Sunday Kuli’s column (27 February 2011) “Jou ma se kinders – Eish, I miss daai lippies vannie Kaap” was about coloured women, and included a lot of negative racial stereotypes including that coloured people […]