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I remember the 22nd April 2009 National and Provincial Elections like it was yesterday. Having voted the previous day, I did not vote with the masses on the 22nd. However, I was fortunate enough to be afforded an opportunity to be present at a certain voting station in Atteridgeville, Pretoria and that opportunity brought forth […]

With the Local Government elections approaching, I can’t help but remember the 2009 National election. I was a first time voter and to me it was a huge deal. It meant that I could officially scrutinise governmental policies and regulations, but over and above that, I gained accountability in the growth/stagnation of South Africa. Many […]

Around election time a sentiment that becomes popular amongst the middle class South African citizens is, “I’m not going to vote…” and many different people have their own reasons why not. However, I don’t think the average, ‘middle class’ folk’s choice to not vote makes much of a difference in the outcomes of elections. As […]