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The stench of burning tyres and teargas fills the air and police vehicles can be seen all over the place. The sound of rubber bullets being fired echoes in my ears. For a moment, it feels like I am in a scene straight out of Sarafina, but then reality thankfully takes over. I remember then […]

The Eastern Cape recently experienced unrest, owing to poor service delivery in Ficksburg and Clocolan, amongst other towns. On Wednesday, the 13th April 2011, violence apparently came about as Mayor Mpothoma Maduma refused to give feedback to the protesters. That evening, millions of South Africans including myself, saw footage of South African Police brutally beating […]

It was to my great disappointment, that two potentially great leaders, recently chastised me about my ‘anti-ANC’ posts. As leaders in the community, one would expect their loyalty to the country, democracy and social justice to transcend their loyalty to any political party/organisation. An injustice to either, is still an injustice, irrespective of who is […]

There is no doubt that a government in control of the media, particularly a national broadcaster, can control the way its’ population thinks. Propaganda is the obvious tool for this and its use ensures that the powerful and privileged remain powerful and privileged. It is for this reason that in a democratic state, the government […]

South Africa is a ‘democratic’ state meaning that we as citizens participate in our governance by electing representatives. Thus, in a democratic state the government is merely an instrument in achieving the people’s will. Opposition is very important for the flourishing of democracy. It prevents a one-part state and also acts to keep a balance […]