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Earlier this month, it was brought to light that Hawks spokesman McIntosh Polela has not kept up with maintenance payments for two of his children. This allegedly came up following a tweet in which he said that he was thinking of buying a new Jeep, something that had angered the mother of the 2 children […]

It is very scary how when one speaks of hunger and poverty, many South Africans seem to believe the problem is ‘elsewhere’- with some even referring to countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia when the topic is brought up. Reality is, even here in our very own land- a country in which the right to […]

“National Child Protection Week is an annual campaign of the Government of South Africa led by the Department of Social Development in partnership with other government departments and civil society organisations. Key partners include Childline and Unicef. The goal for Child Protection Week is to promote the culture of respect for children’s rights thus ensuring […]