IMG_0303 (1)I am a black woman, who realises that these two things make up a fundamental part of how I see and experience the world. This blog is an invitation to see the world through my eyes.

I am also a mother; a liker of things and lover of people. But most importantly, I have no sense of humour so don’t waste jokes on me. Also on Twitter at @Kmoeti

For a more formal bio, see below:

Koketso has a long background in civic activism and has over the years worked at the intersection of governance, communication and citizen action. She currently serves as the founding executive director of amandla.mobi, a community of over 225,000 people working to turn every cellphone into a democracy-building tool to ensure that those most affected by injustice- low income Black women in particular- can take collective action on issues affecting their lives. In 2018 she was announced as an inaugural Obama Foundation fellow and the Waislitz Global Citizen grand prize winner. This comes after being a 2017 Aspen Institute New Voices fellow. She is also a reference group member of the Civic Tech Innovation Network and the Deputy Chairperson of the SOS Coalition – a coalition of South African organisations committed to and campaigning for public broadcasting in the public interest.

When not working, Koketso can be found writing and has been published by Salon, City Press, The Guardian, Africa is a Country, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and the Mail & Guardian, among others.

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