Twitter thieves busted

A few days ago, a range of beautiful black dolls was shared on Twitter. The following day a non-existent company got busted for trying to pass them off as their own.

Twitter users @ma_ndosi and @Peliwe_M went on the warpath after a mysterious account @IntombiToys (no longer existing) stole an idea tweeted just the night before. It all started with a tweet from @ma_ndosi about a new range of ‘beautiful, black South African dolls’ called, Ntomb’entle Dolls.

The tweet was retweeted over 80 times, was marked as a favourite by over 60 people and received many replies.

Following the positive response, @ma_ndosi encouraged @mpumijo, one of the people behind Ntomb’entle Dolls to get on Twitter while @Peliwe_M suggested she get a website. The following day an account ‘producing a beautiful range of black dolls’, @IntombiToys, mysteriously appears on Twitter using the images of @mpumijo‘s range. Initially users thought the handle belonged to Ntomb’entle, then realised it was a different company and questions were asked.

After @IntombiToys admitted that the dolls weren’t theirs, more questions were asked…

The company then claimed not to have any products to take photos of as they are still in an “exploratory” phase, before alleging to have spoken to @mpumijo about how “she came across her dolls”- an allegation which was found to be untrue. @IntombiToys then went on to offer to change their name after conceding that it was similar to Ntomb’entle, saying it only happened because they were “testing the market”.

A Google search showed the company had never existed until they started tweeting that day, leading those involved warning people about the imposter company trying to sell someone else’s idea as their own. @IntombiToys then went on to lock their account.

Views on the matter were shared.

After a continued interrogation and a show of support from others, who reported them as spam, the @IntombiToys account was deactivated.

They later resurfaced as @YayaToys, which was picked up by many people.

This saga comes shortly after Highveld Radio stole a tweet from @AwkwardlyH and went on to produce an entire show based on the tweet, without crediting her.

That, dear readers, shows just how bad crime is in the country. Not only do we constantly face the threat of being stolen from in person, but now also on social media networks too.

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