The Beijing Olympics

The last Olympics hosted by Beijing were not only wonderful, but extravagant as well. Beijing was a really great host and the Chinese athletes really did their country proud.
Although, despite the great success of the Olympics, I must say; China should never have been the host country. By hosting an event of this magnitude, in which most of the world’s states participated; it somehow implies that we are condoning the repressive Chinese regime. In no way do I want to undermine the sovereignty of states; but we should really acknowledge that globalisation is in effect and as such, the events in other countries affect us all. The rise of MNCs (Multi-National Corporations), international agencies and linked economies has led us to an era of interdependence. This being as it is, the international community should at all times chastise repression, tyranny and any other non-democratic regime.

Now, to get back to Beijing hosting the Olympics, sports and music are very unique in the sense that they are a common ground for people of every nation, race and ethnicity. Sports have over the centuries played a role in uniting people; healing rifts and fighting many social injustices. Thus, by allowing a regime such as that of China host the Olympics we are doing a great injustice to all that the Olympics stands for. The Olympics are not only the greatest sporting platform; but also represent the equality of nations by providing them with a single stage upon which to compete with each other. Even the Olympic rings symbolise the unity of all five continents and as such the hosting of the Olympics should at all times be above reproach.

So, in the same breathe that I congratulate China, Beijing being a part of it, I also voice against their current regime.

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