Political Party campaigns vs agenda of political parties

Call me idealistic, but I’ve always believed that voting is about selecting a party which I feel is fit to govern the country in a way that benefits us, the citizens of South Africa. However, judging by the political party campaigns that were running during the last national elections, I often wonder about the agendas of South African political parties.

An election campaign (hopefully the governance of the winning party too), should be solely based on the development of the state; the good of the citizens of the state and the country’s security. I really don’t care about the moral grounding of a party, I’m more concerned with service delivery and efficient public administration. I’m not concerned with the votes of expats (I’ll be around come election time); what concerns me is the provision of basic needs for all; the eradication of poverty and unemployment. Also on my mind are crime, skills development, infant mortality and a sound education system.

During the 2009 elections, celeb/celeb wannabes names are being thrown around for parties to gain some sort of momentum. Do they really believe we cast votes based on whom person X is voting for? Don’t even get me started on the ANC’s use of Mandela as some sort of bait for their campaign. As for Helen Zille’s zeal for the cause of getting expats to vote, we all know that it had nothing to do with concern over their constitutional rights. It was about trying to gain votes for the DA, as it is commonly believed that those who leave the country are opposed to the rule of the ANC (why no-one thinks that it involves the lack of competitive salaries here is beyond me). Then we have COPE, who by electing a clergyman as their presidential candidate, hoped to show us how ‘moral’ the party is. Hmm, clearly they are very out of touch with the times; lately anything that has to do with politics, religion and economics has nothing moral about it. I mean really, every war on earth is based on one or more of these issues.

Maybe I’m asking for too much; but could political parties campaigns just stick to what their goal for SA…

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