The Curse of Centralisation!

Socialists are bound to disagree with me, but even they have to acknowledge that capitalism and a free market economy have been accepted as our ideology of choice and as such, decisions made should allow the chosen ideology to be used in a way that benefits us; the citizens of South Africa.

The ruling party seems to have found it fit to over-centralise the country, marginalising cities and towns (e.g. Mafikeng) to create ‘megacities’ (e.g. Johannesburg). What they seem to have not taken into consideration is that South Africa is only a newly industrializing country located in the global south and if developed states could not make centralization work, how on earth can we?

The problem with our country’s over-centralisation is that it leads to a loss of accountability and transparency, especially within local government. It also results in inefficiency within public administration which is clearly revealed by the poor service delivery that is currently the trend in our country. Another consequence is that it puts the government out of touch with the needs of the poor and this goes against the grassroots approach of development promised by our government. All the consequences of over-centralisation greatly compromise the social security of our country and put us in danger of losing our current status as a newly industrialising country.

The point I’m trying to make here is that RSA (or rather, our ruling party), had better acknowledge that decentralisation is the key to efficient governance within our context. This had better happen soon or the gap between the rich and the poor is bound to get so huge, it will never be able to be rectified. The rich will get richer and the poor, poorer at such an alarming rate; that complete chaos is bound to overtake.

I shudder to think what would happen then…

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