For almost a month, South Africa has been undergoing rotating load shedding –  or rolling blackouts – owing to the country’s power utility Eskom battling to meet electricity demand. These blackouts are now creating cellphone signal blackouts due to networks reportedly struggling to keep their towers running. The impact of these signal blackouts is particularly […]

More than 140 mentally ill patients died after they and 1,500 other patients were forced to move to poorly equipped NGOs. The death toll could rise still as 62 patients cannot be accounted for in any records. Despite being warned of the potential consequences, the patients who had been living at Life Esidimeni were forcefully relocated […]

While many functions in society have been automated for a very long time, with traffic lights being the most recognisable form to most of us, the combination of robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies have created much more sophisticated versions of automation. These have given us things like self-service kiosks and driver-less cars. […]

On Monday, two voice clips in which a 17-year old, Grade 11 learner from Pietermaritzburg Girls High School refers to her Black classmates as ‘k****rs’ were uploaded on social media. In the clips, she’s heard using the racial slur because her name had been pronounced and spelled incorrectly by another learner. According to reports, some […]