While many functions in society have been automated for a very long time, with traffic lights being the most recognisable form to most of us, the combination of robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies have created much more sophisticated versions of automation. These have given us things like self-service kiosks and driver-less cars. […]

On Monday, two voice clips in which a 17-year old, Grade 11 learner from Pietermaritzburg Girls High School refers to her Black classmates as ‘k****rs’ were uploaded on social media. In the clips, she’s heard using the racial slur because her name had been pronounced and spelled incorrectly by another learner. According to reports, some […]

The success of start-ups such as Slack, BuzzFeed, flipkart.com and some sects of the on demand economy such as Uber and Air bnb were all part of the refining and spread of start-up culture. A culture that is often sold using the stories of individuals who quit something solid to ‘chase their ambitions’, ‘work in […]

Over the last few weeks, we have seen intense policing and private security at various university campuses across the country. This followed an announcement by the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande that universities will determine their own fees for 2017, with increases capped at 8%- a move that was merely a passing of the […]

The excessive, indiscriminate force; arbitrary arrests and detentions that are currently taking place in our higher education institutions and surrounding areas, have put a spotlight on securitisation and militarisation. But neither is new, South Africa has for some time consistently been steadily securitising and militarising in various ways. Think of the way private security has […]