Photo Blog: Following a series of protests joined by higher education students from across the country, students took their demands for a reduction in higher education fees and the end of outsourcing at institutions- among other demands- to the Union Building.


Many know Pregs Govender as the Deputy Chairperson and Commissioner of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), positions she has held since 2009. Govender is also a well-known human rights and gender activist who is widely respected both as an individual and professionally. Her principled resignation from parliament on 2 May 2002 struck me, […]


A few days ago, a range of beautiful black dolls was shared on Twitter. The following day a non-existent company got busted for trying to pass them off as their own. Twitter users @ma_ndosi and @Peliwe_M went on the warpath after a mysterious account @IntombiToys (no longer existing) stole an idea tweeted just the night […]


Like any other ‘top books’ list, this one is subjective. The titles are numbered, but not ranked and it’s worth noting that choosing between a large number of books was quite difficult, especially since three of the authors included have penned more than two other children’s books which my kids (and I) also love. The […]

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I recently visited the Ward 43 area of Evaton, a community serviced by the notorious Emfuleni Local Municipality. Evaton was established in 1904, with many families living there for many decades. This has however resulted in insecurity for some families who do not have title deeds despite living there for so long, leading to the […]

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During a ‘consultation’ by the Department of Justice with the Ga-Matlala community in Limpopo, residents rejected plans to divert money from the President’s Fund to bailing out municipalities. The President’s Fund was set up to provide comprehensive reparations programmes for victims of apartheid crimes. It was intended to restore and repair the damaged lives of those […]